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Raindrops is an original, American manufacturing company specializing in beautifully designed and innovative infant and toddler accessories, for precious babies, since 1936.

In that year, Dee Givens, a nurse specializing in pre-mature babies, invented and soon patented her first design, a "dri-ette." This was a waterproof baby covering which was a precursor to waterproof baby pants and much later, even waterproof disposable diapers. According to a newspaper clipping from 1947, she walked into a LaGrange, IL bank and asked for a loan in 1936. The banker noticed she was originally from Kentucky, and told her a story about driving through that state, eating at a Givens restaurant, and being short changed $5. He wrote a letter to the restaurant telling them that if the cash drawer was $5 over for that day, it was probably his. When he got back to Illinois, there was a letter from the Givens restaurant with a $5 bill enclosed. Dee replied that the restaurant belonged to her brother and the banker granted her the $100 loan to start her business.

With that initial $100 loan from the bank, she went on to invent and sell many other baby products to almost every store in the country. After her death, she bequeathed the company to her book keeper, who along with other family members, ran the company until 1992.

In that year, two families who owned four independent children's clothing stores, went to Chicago to buy baby bibs for their stores. They were told that Givens Co. was for sale. They purchased the company the next day and the Raindrops label was born. Currently, one daughter from one of the families owns the business and her retail experience has allowed the line to expand beyond baby bibs, into blankets, layette wear, baby gift sets, Christening accessories, sleepers, blank personalized baby product, baby bath items, and more.

Today, as always, Raindrops is committed to preserving the American industry from which it was born. We sell to fine children's clothing stores, furniture stores, gift stores, hospital gift shops, personalized embroidery shops, corporate businesses seeking custom baby product, and more. A true American manufacturer, Raindrops cuts, sews, screen prints, and embroiders everything in house in Downers Grove, IL. Traditional, but with many contemporary design choices also, Raindrops always offers an eco solution in that our top quality products can be used wash after wash, year after year, and not contribute needlessly to land fills. That same honesty and integrity, seen in 1936, is sewn with love into every one of the Raindrops products, yet today.

Businesses, please, log in, after registering and receiving approval, to view the entire Raindrops line with wholesale pricing and let us know your thoughts and opinions on all of our exclusive made in America, baby and toddler product offerings.

Consumers, please, shop our Raindrops products and let us know what you think of all of our made in America baby gift sets, bibs, blankets, Christening products and more. Thank you to everyone for your support!

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