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Bubbles n’ Stripes Unisex Bath Bag

Bubbles n’ Stripes Unisex Bath Bag
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Unisex Baby Bath Bag--The Easiest Robe for a Baby makes a Unique Gift

A Baby Gift that's Uncommon, Functional and Luxurious

Bath time with a baby is not just about getting clean.

It's about caring for their delicate skin. It's about having fun and it's about building bonds of love. It is about the babies comfort and the Mom and Dad's easy of bathing. By giving this gift, you'll be honored as the one who found the best bath bag on the planet!

This bath bag is a robe for a baby but with none of the hard to handle issues found in traditional tie or wrap style robes. Our bath bag keeps the baby warm and comfortable. Why? It is top quality, pure cotton velour terry, smooth on the outside and looped cotton on the inside. This gorgeous fabric is absorbent and super soft to baby's delicate skin. With a closed bottom, long sleeves and a elastic closed hood, any wet baby will stay warm, dry and very cozy inside their delightful cotton bath bag. The set can be delivered to Mom's door or sent to your location for that special baby shower.

A Baby Gift that makes life easier for parents

Now, Mom doesn't have to rush around looking for the next change of cloths or expose the wet baby to cold drafts of outside air. Instead, she has the freedom to tidy up the bath area, tidy up herself and locate the baby's next clothing ensemble in peace. The baby will stay warm and dry until Mom is ready. Our baby bath bag also matches a hooded towel gift set and a bath mit gift set. This embroidered yellow turtle style is unisex and the pink duck style is for girls, but it is available in a blue whale version for boys, as well.

Special features:

  • Embroidered
  • 100% cotton velour terry cloth
  • One Size fits All (most babies up to 6 mo. of age)
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Made in USA
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